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Send someone a real painting signed as street artist Banksy, great fake prank - Send prank mail and mean gifts to your enemies - i know you are but what am i

Send a Painting Signed as Banksy

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Send a Painting Signed as Banksy

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Product Information

Wanna trick an art enthusiast into thinking they own an original Banksy painting worth millions of dollars?

Let us help you fool 'em with our super-elaborate hoax.

First, we'll spray paint a well-known Banksy image onto a stretched canvas using one of our custom Banksy stencils. Then, we'll sign it in spray paint exactly as Banksy would.

It'll almost look like the real thing.

But wait, there's more!

Next, we'll scribble Banksy's "signature" on the back of the canvas in pen, and then write the title of the piece, it's phony year of creation, and the phrase ORIGINAL 1 of 1.

Then, we'll draft a legitimate-looking authentication letter from Pest Control (Banksy's artwork authentication service) and place it inside an envelope which will be attached to the stretcher frame. 

Finally, we'll affix a real Goodwill thrift store price tag to the back and include a fake shipping sales receipt from "Goodwill Industries" inside the package.

Pretty convincing, huh?

Odds are, they'll totally believe they now have a priceless work of art on their hands.

Sure, they'll be a bit confused as to why it was sent to them, but they'll probably assume it was a gift from a loved one that was shipped directly from the store... especially if it happens to show up around their birthday or some other holiday.

From there, the fun really begins.

...will they brag to everyone they know about their incredible "find"? 

...will they proudly hang the painting in their home? 

...will they try to get it professionally appraised or insured? 

...will they contact a major auction house in an attempt to sell it?

No matter what happens, one thing's for certain. It'll be funny as hell to watch.


Additional notes:

1. The painting will be on stretched canvas over a standard wooden frame; therefore, it'll arrive ready to hang.

2. The size of the canvas itself will be a minimum of 11"x14" or 12"x12"; however, it may be larger. It all depends on what canvas sizes we happen to find.

3. Don't tell Banksy about any of this.



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