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Send a prank bag of vacuum cleaner filth dirt gag gift to germaphobe - Send prank mail and mean gifts to your enemies - i know you are but what am i

Send a Bag of Vacuum Cleaner Filth

Send a Bag of Vacuum Cleaner Filth

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Some people are germaphobes or clean freaks. It's like a compulsion with these people.

And we've noticed that a lot of them happen to be assholes, which may or may not be a coincidence.

So we thought to ourselves... how can we have a little fun with someone who is absolutely terrified of dirt and debris?

Our solution?

Send them a bag of filth from a vacuum cleaner. Because that shit is just plain nasty.

If you happen to dislike someone who has serious ocd tendencies or an irrational obsession with germs, dirt and dust in general, then you might wanna consider letting us send 'em some vacuum cleaner debris.

Our lovely little bag of filth will be carefully sealed and attached to the inside of a large envelope so that when they tear open the envelope, there's a pretty decent chance it will rip open the bag and the contaminants will fly in their face.

 At least, that's the goal.

But either way, it should make quite a nice mess for them while totally freaking them out.

Plus there's the added benefit of giving that germaphobe a chance to do some more cleaning, vacuuming and sanitizing, making it a win for everyone.

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